Enrich interdepartmental communication with sip trunking services improving their effectiveness

It is necessary for different employee from various teams and departments to speak to one another over telephone connections. The companies must enable this, so that the flow of information is as smooth as possible. While there has to be so many landlines on several desks, these have to be interconnected to form a huge intercom network. However, at times, it may be required for the virtual teams across locations to meet up using the video conferencing, web conferencing or other means. In such cases, the data and the voice has to be transferred through the internet, which gives economical mileage to the organization in the long run. The client companies may choose to make use of the in-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that is based on Session Initiation Protocol, which enables smooth flow of data and voice in a synchronized manner. Even in the case of the hosted PBX services, companies will have to control the call processing via internet through the various communication protocols that enriches their communications within the organization and with the outside world.

We provide the best of SIP Trunking Services to our clients to ensure that the IP-PBX and other Unified Communication facilities for them to have enhanced communication technologies in place. The solution is provided by addressing it from two domains. The first domain addresses through the private VoIP solution at the client’s premise, which leverages on the different phone lines that have been a part of the infrastructure.

The second domain is the public domain, which is a full VoIP access solution pertinent to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that is our responsibility as we take care of the installation and maintenance of the equipment through a lease agreement. We enable our clients with the necessary support, such as traffic tracking of all calls going in and out of their firms and identification of users. We also take care of the various legitimate interception methods, which is done with the consent of the client and upon their earlier instructions. At the same time encouraging them to control the calls totally without to pay in the addition for any future expansions of workforce.