Improve efficient usage of funds with hosted pbx services providing call management

It is a must that the employees of different departments of the same company would be in constant touch with one another through telephones for success of business. Thus, we understand that our client companies will have to make and take calls across their departments and locations. However, installing a major telephone exchange system would mean huge capital investment for the organization. The companies require controlling the calls, voicemail systems, touchtone menus, conference calls and other related service at their end. However, they need not invest on the costly equipment and its maintenance.

They can make use of Hosted PBX Services that we offer which have control over the calls, but in an economical manner. Such a service is often referred to as “Centrex” and “Virtual PBX” as well. With the lack of huge investment, our clients can make use of these funds in some other mission critical areas. Companies will have to realize that it is not just the initial capital that is required by these systems, but also regular hardware maintenance on the site. These would involve huge amounts towards maintenance, which will increase the working capital spend on a regular basis. Even though the equipment is placed at our data center, the total control lies with our clients. They are responsible and have total authority to manage the various things that they can perform using the private branch exchange (PBX). These services are available via Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or over the internet. If they choose to have it through internet, then they can control the same via internet telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). They also provided an option to use the combination of these two. Clients who have toll-free numbers can also enable the multi-modal access of telephones, so that many extensions ring at the same time, when only one number is dialed. This would also allow the company to have just one contact number, even if they are spread across totally different geographies. The management will be able to perform call logging, call auditing and automated greetings, which would ensure better call productivity and efficiency to grow over a period of time.