Virtual PBX Services

After the introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol, experts had expected huge impact on PBX business phones. Integration of VoIP and PBX resulted in virtual PBX. Such systems are easy to set up and are low in cost as well. But selecting virtual PBX service provider can prove to be confusing because some providers' offer better-calling features, but their calling plans are expensive. So, it is advisable to choose service provider that can offer enhanced features, calling plans, and user-friendly interface as well as timely upgradation of systems without asking for additional charges.

These days, small and large startups require business phone solutions that do not require much of hardware installation and are reliable, flexible, with uncompromising security features. We at Connect2Elect understand all these requirements. We offer solutions that do not require maintenance and can be upgraded or downgraded according to clients' requirements. Once you understand the basic functioning aspects of PBX and virtual PBX, you can easily control the entire Office Phone Systems through web management portal that can be accessed from any computer with internet connection.

To know more about our impressive systems, you can read about how our Virtual PBX Services Virtual PBX Services function or just call us to know about tailor made business plans.

Choose your phone solutions as per your requirement and not according to availability of solutions

No matter if you wish to use virtual phones, mobile phones, soft phones, analogue phone, or VoIP phones, Connext2Elect solutions offer the flexibility to use various types of phones as part of the network. This means, you can also turn your old phones into world-class feature rich phone. The system also offers Best VOIP Service as one of the integrated solutions, so, your remote employees can connect with your company's internal phone network even with their Android or iPhone while on the go.

We can compete because we upgrade

Connect2Elect's team has overall experience of more than ten years. Right after cloud system's introduction, our experts had anticipated that Cloud PBX solutions would take business phone systems to the next level. And this is exactly what has happened. Today, thanks to virtual PBX, we can use PBX based voice, intercom, conferencing, video conferencing, phone extensions management, voice mail, etc. without all the hardware and wires.

You can also get your existing phone systems integrated with new one

No matter if you want your business telephone designed for two phone users or five. No matter if you want to allow your employees to access the system from office premises or their home. Connect2Elect can take care of all your requirements. We would not just offer short and long distance calling, call queues management, and auto attendants, but there are other impressive features as well. Even call centers are using our systems.

Every company would definitely love our service. Most importantly, we can also integrate your existing land lines, digital phones, and other telephone equipment in the new system. Our virtual PBX systems also support new world of work features like online meetings with HD quality video, Business SMS, mobile integration.

Opt for our PBX Parachute

In case of natural disaster, power outage, fire incident, or any other emergency, your old on-site PBX phone system would probably stop working. This means, you would be out of touch with employees located at other locations, suppliers, and clients.

Our PBX Parachute system is helping hundreds of companies by working as standby PBX and providing failover protection. In case if your onsite PBX stops working, Parachute unit takes over your phone system and handles phone calls according to pre-programmed instructions.

PBX Parachute system can be preprogrammed to divert calls to another location, cell phone numbers, or even to offshore locations in case of emergency without impacting caller experience. Most importantly, Parachute system works without any need to deploy additional hardware, software, or data drive. You can design the system to instantly take over.

Why is it important to upgrade legacy phone systems?

Recession and credit crunch's impact can still be experienced in some parts of the world. Companies are in no mood to add additional expenses on their sheets. However, when it comes to phone systems, organizations should not compromise. If you are small, medium, or large business that ends up spending organization's IT resources on maintaining legacy telephone system, perhaps, it is time to upgrade your old PBX system to virtual one.

When compared with legacy systems, users of latest virtual PBX telephone system do not face downtime or urgent repairs due to hardware failure. As services are delivered via internet, there is no need to make additional space for bulky hardware and other units. Hosting is managed by third parties; this means your IT team can focus on other important work instead of wasting time and resources on PBX. Plus, there is no need to spend money on maintenance and other expenses that may incur while using legacy PBX. This way, upgradation can actually help you save a considerable amount of funds each year.

Adding phone on legacy systems means calling engineers to configure and pay them for those additional wires, sockets, etc. But when it comes to cloud-based PBX, you can add phone lines or divert calls anywhere around the world with just one click, without adding any extra hardware. As mentioned earlier, the service is managed with help from off-site servers. Hosted service would never go offline. This would result in improvement in customer's overall experience when they call and contact your customer service and other teams. Calls connected via traditional PSTN connections may not be clear and can be full of interruptions. But when it comes to virtual PBX, you can expect all calls to be clear, and connections are established without any delays.

As mentioned earlier, if your organization still uses obsolete phone systems, incidents like power failure, fire, or other natural disasters would result in outage. This means, you would miss your calls from vendors, clients, associates, etc. Why impact your business and customer experience when you can simply upgrade your phone system and save money as well? Hosted PBX can help you save money, get rid of unwanted hardware, and make space for new units at your office space.

Call us and discuss your requirements

We cater to small, medium, as well as large organizations. You can call us, and our engineers would understand your requirement to offer you the best possible solutions. Consultation is free, so, you can call us and discuss your needs even if you are not planning to upgrade immediately. Discussion would help you understand current trends related to SIP Trunking Services.

Our team of technicians and customer service assistance executives are based in the US and Canada. They have considerable experience in this industry and are always ready to offer help. This is the reason, almost all our existing customers are happy with our services.

If you choose us as your partner for business phone needs, we can help you cut costs by around 40 percent. We can also provide 100 plus lines with unlimited calls plans. You can also refer your friends for our virtual PBX system and earn money with our refer-a-business scheme.